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Botox & Dermal Fillers

What are botox and dermal fillers?

Botox is a substance that is produced by bacteria: It is then highly purified, refined and diluted to act as muscle relaxant. Dermal Fillers are used to restore lost skin volume by plumping out the area with lines, wrinkles and folds. The brands our expert surgeons use are Teosyl and Restylane. BOTOX injections temporarily block the nerve endings to small facial muscles involved in producing expression lines.

Treatment with BOTOX injections results in these muscles being frozen, which in turn softens the lines in the overlaying skin. The treated muscles are unable to contract, but the untreated muscles are able to contract normally, enabling normal facial expressions to occur. The effects of BOTOX injections last for between 3 and 6 months, but with repeated treatments the muscles can become relaxed and their contractions reduced. This results in the lines becoming softer more long term and hence the skin looks younger and less tired.

Book in for treatments with our Dr Associate to get your desired results.

Botox & Fillers carried out by our Dr Associate at Essex and London.

Shenfield – J’adore My Skin
27 Hutton Road
Shenfield, Essex, CM15 8JU

Botox Pricing

Area Duration Price
Consultation 15 mins £60
Consultation Per area (30 mins appointment) £100
Men Jaw £450
Women £275 - £350
Fillers Lips (1ml Syringe) From £250
Fillers Tear Through (Under Eye) £750
Fillers Cheek Enhancement From £300
Fillers Nose Augmentation Filler £250 - £500
Fillers Laughter Lines (1ml Syringe) £240
Fillers Chin Enhancement From £280
Fillers Jawline Definition From £350

Botox Package Pricing

Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
£150 £250 £350
Crows Feet Crows Feet Crows Feet
Forehead Forehead Forehead
Frown Lines Frown Lines Frown Lines
Smokers Lines Smokers Lines Smokers Lines
Brow Lift Brow Lift Brow Lift
Jawline Jawline Jawline
Bunny Lines Bunny Lines Bunny Lines
Gummy Smile Gummy Smile Gummy Smile
Pebble Chin Pebble Chin Pebble Chin
Neck Neck Neck
Underarm Underarm Underarm
Downturned Mouth Downturned Mouth Downturned Mouth

Fillers Package Pricing

0.5ml 1 ml 1.5 ml 2 ml
£175 £250 £325 £400
Lips Lips Lips Lips
Cheeks Cheeks Cheeks Cheeks
Nasolabial Nasolabial Nasolabial Nasolabial
Marionette Lines Marionette Lines Marionette Lines Marionette Lines
Jawline Jawline Jawline Jawline

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